The 10 Most Manly Adventures in America – NASCAR Racing

Here at Rocky Mountain Snuff we are bringing you the 10 manliest adventures in America.  As men who believe in taking care of our manliness, we are bringing you heart-pumping, get-some-extra-hair-on-your-chest adventures.  When we need to give ourselves some extra TLC, we don’t go and get our toes done… we push ourselves to the limits in extreme situations.  So far, you and your chew have joined us on a climb up El Capitan and braved the wilderness to test your survival skills.  Next we take you to experience one of the most thrilling man-made adventures – NASCAR racing.
We love racing and we love NASCAR.  How about sitting in the seat of some of the greats and taking a spin for yourself?  Truth be told, we’ve all tested the limits in our trucks and cars.  Chances are, however, that unless you’ve visited the Autobahn in Germany, you’ve never pushed the limits that you are offered on a NASCAR racing track.  In a NASCAR racing experience, you sit in the driver seat of a true and tested racecar.  You get to feel the power that comes with having 600 horses at your control.  You get to push speeds of over 170 MPH.  Be prepared to leave with your heart out of your chest and your knuckles on the whiter side. You’ve never experienced power like this before.

There are a couple of racing experiences to choose from for this manly adventure.  To pick which one is right for you, check out their websites to view available tracks and dates offered.  Almost all NASCAR racing schools are owned and operated by professional NASCAR drivers, so you can also go with your favorite racer.  Get ready for a thrill of a lifetime.

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure.  Boasts to take you to speeds of over 170 MPH and allows you to pass other racecars.  Offered at multiple tracks including the Talladega.


Richard Petty Driving Experience.  Proudly claims to be the worldwide leader in NASCAR stock car drive and ride entertainment.  Drivers choose from eight to 50 laps around the track.  Offered at multiple tracks including Indianapolis and Daytona.

NASCAR Racing Experience.  Drive real racecars that have been driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.  Includes an option to meet the crew chief.  Offered at multiple tracks including Richmond and Charlotte.

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