Spring Big Bad Bass Fishing

Here at Smokey Mountain Chew, we hold dear a few favorite activities.  Fishing, hunting  and camping with a few friends and a supply of Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff or Pouches are some that come in at the very top. 

Hey, we basically enjoy anything that incorporates testosterone, the great outdoors, and of course some Smokey Mountain.  At our doorstep right now is one of fishing’s greatest seasons, spring bass fishing.  

Spring bass fishing happens, as the name implies, somewhere during the start of spring.  For optimum fishing conditions, you are looking for a range in water temperature from about 55 to 63 degrees in which the bass are in a transitional pre-spawn period.  During the winter months, bass stay in the depths of the water. 

As the water warms, a fishes’ metabolic rate begins to increase and it becomes more active.  They will start to move out of the deeps and towards shallow water for nourishment.  Also, during this time period, a bass is getting ready for the spawning cycle.  The combination of the two make for a lucky fisherman as the fish’s normal caution is disrupted by its instinct for mating and hunger.  

Spring bass fishing is also associated with big bass fishing.  But what do we use to lure those suckers in?  Dean Stroman, a professional fishing guide specializing in big bass says, “To catch these bass throw deep diving crankbaits on the deeper breaklines, 10 to 15 feet, and lipless crankbaits on shallow breaklines. These two reaction baits are great for covering a lot of water. When you locate some staging females, after throwing crankbaits, switch to a jig- and-craw or soft jerkbait. Zoom’s Super Fluke in albino is hard to beat. Throw it on a Mustad 5/0 hook. Work this bait slowly. It is very effective on staging females.” 1

It would be nothing short of an awesome spring day to reel in a 10lb. bass.  So take a few pointers, pick up your reel, put a can of Smokey Mountain in your pocket and let’s take to the lake!


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