How to Quit Chewing Tobacco ~

Nicotine is an addictive substance that changes the way you think and act. Nicotine causes intense cravings that inevitably lead to consuming more and more in order to get that desired buzz. Smokeless tobacco often puts more nicotine into your system than the average cigarette; so quitting chewing tobacco can seem a lot harder than quitting smoking. Here are a few tips on how to quit chewing tobacco.

  • Write it out. Quitting dip or any other form of tobacco isn’t easy. You need to figure out your own personal reasons for quitting. You are probably well aware of the numerous immediate and long-term effects tobacco has on your health—cancer, stains, high blood pressure, and mouth sores, just to name a few. Whatever your reasons might be, list them out thoroughly with pen and paper. This will help you put your habit into perspective.
  • Be specific. Once you know why you want to quit, set a plan and stick to it. Start by choosing a date two to four weeks from today. That will be the day you quit. Stick to that date.
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