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10-Can Mixer 

A 10-Can Mixer consists of five cans of your first selected flavor and five cans of your second selected flavor.



Snuff Flavors 

Arctic Mint

Smokey Mountain Arctic Mint has a very crisp and clean tasting peppermint flavor. It is refreshing and satisfying. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Cherry Flavor

Smokey Mountain Cherry is a very smooth and flavorful cherry. This flavor is targeted toward adults who enjoy cherry or berry smokeless products. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Classic Flavor

Smokey Mountain Classic is a classic or natural flavored tobacco-free snuff. It tastes similar to the second largest flavor segment, classic/natural. Smokey Mountain Classic has a very floral and traditional flavor, albeit sweeter than the norm. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Grape Flavor

Smokey Mountain Grape is blended for those adult berry/grape/cherry smokeless consumers who prefer the unmistakable flavor of grape. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Peach Flavor

A favorite of Randy White, Smokey Mountain Peach provides a tangy, sweet, and juicy flavor that really gets the taste buds going. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Straight Flavor

Smokey Mountain Straight has a sweet, smooth, and rich flavor. It is spot on, as far as that true straight flavor. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)


Smokey Mountain Wintergreen tastes similar to the largest smokeless tobacco flavor segment, wintergreen. It is a very clean, frosty, and sweet tasting wintergreen flavor. Smokey Mountain Wintergreen is our best-selling flavor. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

Pouch Flavors 

Arctic Mint

A favorite of Pro Golfer Shaun Micheel, Smokey Mountain Arctic Mint Pouches provide a strong and refreshing peppermint flavor. Our pouches are designed to provide instant and long-lasting flavor. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)


Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches are very strong, combining a menthol and wintergreen flavor. Our pouches are designed to provide instant and long-lasting flavor. - $28.95 Quantity (Roll of 10 Cans)

All phone and online orders will be shipped
within 48 business hours (not including weekends).


Non-tobacco snuff samples consist of two cans or five cans. For the two can or five can sample, you may request two cans or five cans of any flavor (Classic, Wintergreen, Grape, Peach, Arctic Mint, Cherry, Straight, Arctic Mint Pouch, or Wintergreen Pouch). The samples are free; however, we do charge a $4.95 shipping and handling charge for two cans, and $9.95 shipping and handling charge for five cans.


Two Pack Sample

Five Pack Sample


Order by Mail 

For USA residents who would like to pay by check, print and complete this .pdf form, and mail it to:

Smokey Mountain Snuff Mail Orders
PO Box 1028
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1028

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time for all mail-in orders.

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Smokey Mountain
Snuff & Pouches

If you’re an adult looking to quit or reduce your consumption of moist smokeless tobacco, we understand it’s not an easy thing to do. To make it easier, we developed Smokey Mountain, the World’s first tobacco-free smokeless brand. Smokey Mountain uses the finest ingredients available in order to provide you with great tasting non-tobacco chew as an alternative to the leading smokeless tobacco brands. You’ll find that Smokey Mountain products are often copied, and our brand is often imitated. But at the end of your search, we’re confident you’ll agree that Smokey Mountain is the best smokeless tobacco alternative on the market—period. So, if you’re an adult dipper, try Smokey Mountain Snuff or Pouches for a high-quality, tobacco-free chew.

Smokey Mountain Snuff

If you’re an old school dipper looking for a loose alternative to your smokeless tobacco brand, then you’ll be interested in Smokey Mountain Snuff. Smokey Mountain Snuff is actually more of a long cut, and it is available in seven great flavors. Our loose non-tobacco snuff is designed to provide exceptional taste and superior mouthfeel. To achieve that, we begin with hand-selected corn silk and kudzu root. We believe these expensive herbs provide the best base for tobacco-free snuff. We then add a proprietary blend of ingredients and flavorings in order to produce a rich, smooth taste. Finally, all of our snuff brands are manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality standards.

Smokey Mountain Pouches

If you’re a pouch dipper or a snus consumer, you’ll be interested in Smokey Mountain Pouches. Smokey Mountain wintergreen and arctic mint pouches are discreet and easy to use. They are designed to provide explosive long-lasting flavor. Smokey Mountain Pouches are the result of our collaborative effort with Swedish XQ’S, a manufacturer and marketer of tobacco-free pouches in Sweden. Smokey Mountain developed the flavors and Swedish XQ’S applied their snus technology in order to deliver an exceptional tobacco-free pouch product designed for Americans.

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Smokey Mountain Entertainment

A destination stop for Smokey Mountain adult consumers like you. Our "for fun" website features card games, videos, and other points-of-interest like the Doc Outdoors Show. Pro Football Hall of Famer Randy White, our National Spokeperson, is featured on the website along with PGA Champion, and Pouch Consumer, Shaun Micheel. There's even a Smokey Mountain radio tab where you can listen to country music or classic rock.


What They Say

quote  I want to say that I think your product is great. It has really helped me kick my copenhagen habit and I don't think I could have done that without Smokey thanks!"

-- John B., Arizona

Find a Retailer

Smokey Mountain is available at some of America's largest chain stores. Additionally, Smokey Mountain has distribution in regional chain accounts, and independent stores across the USA. Just about every major distributor carries Smokey Mountain, so almost any store can order it for you. If you cannot find a store in your area that carries Smokey Mountain, please contact us and we will try to assist you.


In US: 1-800-SMC-CHEW
In Canada: 1-888-261-8666
Fax: 218-327-1575

Smokey Mountain Snuff
P.O. Box 1028
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1028

For foreign shipments, please call us.
Sorry, no COD shipments.

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