How Does Tobacco-Free Smokeless Chew Get Its Flavor?

Smokeless tobacco has become incredibly popular in recent years. As the nation’s disapproval of smoking in public places has taken effect and a resultant increase in health-consciousness has risen, individuals have begun seeking alternatives to yesterday’s bad habits.

Enjoying smokeless tobacco, and spitless snuff, offers a more discreet opportunity than cigarettes.  But smokeless products carry their own unique health risks, including gum and dental damage. And because it contains nicotine, it is also habit-forming and tough to quit.  Tobacco-free smokeless alternatives can help these tobacco users get a handle on their habit. Tobacco-free and nicotine-free chew offers adults a way to enjoy the experience of smokeless tobacco without having to worry about nicotine dependence, cancer, and a decaying mouth. 

Chewing tobacco has been around for almost 100 years.  Then came flavors such as wintergreen and mint, and then cherry, peach, and others, which have proven to be enormously popular in today’s quest for variety. Fortunately for those seeking to make a change, smokeless tobacco users trying to quit may receive a lot of the same psychological effects from tobacco-free snuff without all the health risks, especially if the flavor and form resemble their preferred tobacco product. Smokeless tobacco-free chew options even provide flavors that simulate the taste of straight, unflavored snuff

What’s It Made out Of? 

Tobacco-free smokeless chew is made out of simple food-grade ingredients. These ingredients help these products mimic the flavor and feel of traditional tobacco products.

Typical ingredients: Molasses, corn silk, water, glycerin, salt, flavor/oil, red clover, sodium bicarbonate, propylene glycol (food grade), ginseng, guarana, food color, methyl and propyl paraban (preservatives), and cayenne pepper. Pouches contain semolina (wheat), flavor, menthol, chocolate (milk), corn, aspartame, licorice, xylitol, and cayenne pepper.

The first ingredient acts as a binder to give the product the look of a long cut tobacco. The sweeteners (including aspartame and xylitol, which are sugar substitutes) satisfy the taste receptors.  The cayenne not only offers a sting of flavor reminiscent of tobacco but also helps to speed up a person’s metabolism in much the same way that nicotine does. The corn silk really helps in providing an unmatched base for these products, giving them a smooth long taste and texture that best imitates original tobacco products.

Smokeless tobacco options can, in essence, be considered a breath mint in the form of moist snuff. 

Where Does This Flavor Come From?

Food-grade herbs and flavoring extracts help simulate the taste and experience of chewing tobacco. All the ingredients included in the product are FDA approved and can include tea, mint, and other plant leaves, mint oils, cinnamon, and fruit flavors (usually citric acid and food-grade artificial flavor extracts). Although it would be difficult to exactly reproduce the flavor of tobacco leaves without introducing other harmful ingredients, consumers of tobacco-free snuff report that they enjoy the taste, often more so than the tobacco they used previously. Loose snuff options are cut to resemble tobacco in both appearance and their feel in the mouth. Some versions also contain caffeine or other natural stimulants to provide the energy jolt offered by their previous nicotine products.

So if you’re an adult smokeless tobacco consumer who is ready to quit, or you just want a safer alternative to dipping, there are many tobacco-free chew options available. Tobacco-free chew contains no nicotine, is manufactured according to FDA guidelines, and is designed to deliver the same tactile and taste experience as regular, smokeless chew. This can help people who are trying to break the chewing habit get over the psychological cravings much more effectively than using gum or candy. If you’re quitting, you will probably need more than just a smokeless tobacco substitute to help you kick nicotine for good, but tobacco-free products can be an important part of a smoke-free regimen and give you that extra support to help you ease into a tobacco-free life.