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America’s Original and Best-Selling Tobacco-Free Smokeless Brand

Smokey Mountain Chew, Inc.

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Smokey Mountain Chew, Inc. is the World’s largest tobacco-free smokeless company and the category innovator.  We invented non-tobacco chew as a tobacco-free and nicotine-free option for consumers looking to quit or reduce their consumption of moist smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snus.  Smokey Mountain has worked hard to earn your business and your trust.  We are dedicated to providing the best tobacco-free smokeless brand on the market, in the flavors that adult consumers demand.
Smokey Mountain has a longstanding “no minors policy,” and we encourage retailers to only sell Smokey Mountain to those individuals who are 18 years of age or older. So, if you are looking to reduce your reliance on smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, or snus, try a America’s original and best-selling  tobacco-free smokeless brand - Smokey Mountain. Contact Smokey Mountain or call 800-SMC-CHEW for more information.


“I have recently opened a tobacco shop in North Carolina Charlotte and we carry Smokey Mountain's Full Line of Products. Please include us on your website so consumers who are in my area can purchase it from me.”

-- Suhail T. - Charlotte NC

Hello, I wanted to tell you that I have tried many tobacco free chews in attempts to quit chewing. Your product by far is the closest thing to the real stuff. I was very surprised at the flavor of straight as it tastes almost identical to skoal straight. Since you have kind of nailed the texture...and came impressively close to the taste of Skoal...”


In US: 1-800-SMC-CHEW (1-800-762-2439)
In Canada: 1-888-261-8666
Fax: 218-327-1575

Smokey Mountain Snuff
P.O. Box 1028
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1028

For foreign shipments, please call us.
Sorry, no COD shipments.