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Chewing Tobacco Alternatives ~

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Smokey Mountain is the world’s leading provider of non-tobacco smokeless products. We are the innovators and inventors of tobacco-free snuff and chew and are dedicated to providing consumers with the best tobacco-free smokeless alternative on the market.

The main addictive chemical in tobacco is nicotine. Nicotine causes feelings of euphoria and pleasure. However, the longer you use substances containing nicotine, the more of it you need in order to achieve that buzz. This makes quitting easier said than done—but by no means impossible. A great way to wean yourself off the stuff is through chewing tobacco alternatives, which is where Smokey Mountain snuff and chew come into the picture.

As a smokeless tobacco substitute, Smokey Mountain snuff presents the same rich flavors and unique textures as your favorite tobacco-based brands with one catch: our products contain zero tobacco. In the process of quitting, you can use our products like your typical smokeless tobacco products. Using our products will trick your body into thinking you’re actually using smokeless tobacco.

At Smokey Mountain, we want to provide you with the best tobacco-free smokeless alternatives that provide the same sensory experience as the tobacco chew you enjoy. After all, it’s not solely the nicotine that makes chewing tobacco enjoyable for consumers—there is also flavor, texture, and overall experience. Smokey Mountain has perfected all three without the danger of nicotine.

Additional Alternatives

Need another alternative to chewing tobacco? Here are a couple tips to help you quit smokeless tobacco in conjunction with Smokey Mountain products:

  • Snack on sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds keep your mouth busy for times that chew might not be appropriate. They also have a ton of health benefits like high levels of vitamin E, the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant.
  • Do something productive when you feel those nicotine cravings. Exercise is a great way to distract yourself from the cravings while getting your body into shape. Next time you feel a craving coming on, go for a jog, bike ride, or swim.

Get some of our great chew and snuff alternatives to enjoy today.

Smokey Mountain Entertainment

A destination stop for Smokey Mountain Consumers,  this website features games, videos, and points-of-interest for Smokey Mountain’s adult consumers featureing our National Spokeperson, Randy White, Pro Football Hall of Fame, former Dallas Cowboy and Super Bowl MVP.


What They Say

quote  Hello, I would like to thank Smokey Mountain snuff for helping me kick tobacco once and for all. I have a very stressful job, and it lead me to start dipping. I have tried to use the other brands and they could not compare to the quality of your products. Once I discovered the wintergreen flavor i was amazed by the flavor. I just placed an order for some mint and straight flavors. I can hardly wait for them to get in! Well I've been tobacco free for 3 months( I've been dipping for 13 years) and I'm not looking back. Thanks for providing some hope."
–– Ben C. West Virginia

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Smokey Mountain Snuff and Pouches are sold through many stores, including large chain accounts and mom & pop retailers. Further, Smokey Mountain is authorized in America's largest distributors, so it is available to retailers across the USA. However, we are a small company and cannot physically get to every retailer. So, if you would like a particular store to carry Smokey Mountain, please request the store manager or owner to stock it for you.


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