Techniques to Help You Quit Chewing Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco, or chew, is habit-forming, just like cigarettes. In fact, one pouch or dip may contain twice as much nicotine as a cigarette. You may have decided to stop using tobacco for health reasons, social acceptance, or modeling good behavior for your kids. If you’ve made the choice to quit, then the next step is putting it into action. Here are a few tips to help you get started down the path to a healthier life.

Smokeless tobacco is sold in many forms: as plugs or chews, so-called spitless tobacco that is cut very fine and used either as dip or in pouches, or snus. Smokeless products are attractive to many people because chewing and dipping are not banned in public like smoking; however, these products carry the same health risks as smoking, plus a few more that are specific to chewing.

Smokeless Tobacco vs. Cigarettes

Quitting smokeless tobacco is similar in many ways to quitting cigarettes. There are physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction to overcome, and most users find themselves tempted in particular situations or environments. There are also two aspects of quitting that are more prevalent for smokeless tobacco users:

  • For many people, the need to have something in the mouth as a substitute such as gum or tobacco-free chew is much stronger.
  • The benefits of quitting are visible. Mouth sores clear up. Dental problems such as receding gums and tooth damage don’t get any worse, and a dentist can help with a long-term plan to reverse some of these issues.

Tips for Quitting

The clear signs of improving health are a great way to keep a quitter motivated. But there are other great ways to keep you on the right path. Here are a few of those ways to stay on track and cut smokeless tobacco out of your life:

  • Try an alternative. As mentioned, a big difference between quitting smoking and quitting chewing is that with chew, you’re used to having something to keep your mouth busy (in a much different way than cigarettes). Part of the lure with chew is the enjoyment users get from the taste, texture, and physical presence of the dip. By using a nicotine-free alternative, you can at least allow yourself an enjoyable flavor and mouthfeel.  Eventually, this can help wean you off of chewing altogether.
  • Set goals and rewards for meeting those goals. Start small: go one day without chewing, and build from there. If you have a setback, don’t give up. Start again the next day as though nothing happened. And don’t forget to reward yourself with something you enjoy!
  • Keep a diary. Write down the times that your cravings are strongest and how you feel at those times. Then plan ways to get through those tough situations. Most people can’t cut stress or boredom out of their lives, but once you identify the factors that lead to a desire to chew, you can see them coming andbe prepared for the craving.
  • Make some other simple changes in your life to reflect your focus on health. Get a little more exercise; skip the computer games and get outside. Pay attention to what you are eating, but don’t be too strict about calories or junk food at this time. If a somewhat unhealthy snack is what gets you through the craving to chew, then consider the long-term benefits of this alternative and give yourself a bit of a break for the time being.
  • Get help. Most people can’t quit alone. Your community may have classes or support groups. Check your local hospital, the American Cancer Society, or your health insurance company. Every state has toll-free telephone counseling to help people kick the habit. Telephone counseling is easy: you can do it from home any time you feel like you could use a little help or just a friendly voice. Counselors can help identify a person’s pattern of use and avoid some common pitfalls in the quitting process.
  • Don’t forget your family and friends. They want you to succeed as well. Warn people that you may be a little irritable and edgy for a few days. In the beginning you may want to surround yourself with people who don’t chew or smoke. Suggest that they offer ways to keep you busy or accompany you on a walk. Don’t abandon your friends who still use nicotine, and don’t judge them. Just ask them not to offer you any. You never know, you might inspire someone else to quit in the process.

Breaking the nicotine habit takes dedication and hard work, but if you truly want to quit, you can get yourself there. However, you need to do it for you, for your health, and for the feeling that you are in control of your own life. If there are young children in your life, they may also serve as motivation to be a good role model. Don’t let tobacco make your choices for you; let your own desires take control, nicotine free.

Smokey Mountain

About Smokey Mountain

Smokey Mountain Snuff is the World’s largest non-tobacco smokeless company, and the category innovator.
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8 Responses to Techniques to Help You Quit Chewing Tobacco

  1. Joe Feehly says:

    I have been a “chew” user for most of the past 20 years. I had an (at least) a can a day habit. I got some samples of Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff at a convenience store trade show. At first I wasnt impressed. The sample went unused for several weeks and months. Finally, I decided, at 40 years old, it was time to grow up (LOL). I saw all of the side effects and realized how stupid I was acting to keep dipping. I ordered some Smoke Mountain and quit cold turkey. Recently, beings that I can only find SM on the company website, I ran a little low. I bought a can of my previous brand of real tobacco and was actually a little sickened. It had been almost two months since I had real tobacco. I realized right then, that I would not be going back to the old habit. Thanks for making a great alternative to my old habit.

  2. Jeffrey Kostka says:

    24 hours into quitting my old chew. Thanks to finding Smokey Mountain Classic instead of ground mint has made a difference in me trying to quit. I used a “natural” flavor and was not looking forward to a “mint” flavor. I find your classic is a close fit to what I was using and look forward to never dipping real tobacco again! 36 years chewing, one day so far not! Thanks.

  3. Aaron A says:

    I wanted to share how I beat an 18 year, tin a day, chew addiction with Smokey Mountain. Really simple, start by mapping out a 3-4 week plan. Take an empty can of your old chew (this helps with tricking yourself, and others). Start with mixing half Smokey Mountain, half real chew in the empty can, and shake it up. Do this for the first week. Second week, same procedure, only difference is the amount of real chew you mix in. I cut mine down by another half for the second week. Third week, same as first, just less, you get the idea.
    I was able to completely come off real chew in less than a month with your product! My two little girls thank you very much!

    Please feel free to share this with the world, I was one of those that thought I couldn’t quit, your product made it possible. Again, thank you!

  4. Carlos says:

    I have been dipping for 34 yrs and have enjoyed it but always new I needed to quit. I started using your product and slowly have moved away from dipping tobacco. I never thought that there would be something that was this good to substitute for my Cope! I have been completely tobacco free for just one week but it feels good! Thank you for your product as I don’t think I could have made it this far without it.

  5. Steven MM says:

    I wanted to thank you guys. I went cold turkey off chewing after 8 years of chewing. I found your product and it helped significantly. I didn’t have to stop the chewing habit but got to kill of
    The nasty tabacoo. This product help me quit and not return to my old habits. It’s almost been a year
    Since I have had a real chew.

  6. Mike H says:

    I quit a 20 year Cope habit with the help of Smokey Mountain. For me, I needed to chew something different so I wouldn’t compare it to Cope. The SM Mint was right on. I was amazed how just having that lump in my lip would calm my nerves. It still took a lot of recognizing the triggers and dealing with them, but I couldn’t have done it without the Smokey Mountain!

  7. Robbie J says:

    I have been dipping for 38 of my 50 years of life. I just ordered a 5 can sample pack of Smokey Mountain. I’m a natural flavor user. I need to find the flavor that suites me.I know it’s going to be tough.
    Wish me luck. I will check back in a few weeks and let all know of my Progress.

  8. Baxter M says:

    I quit cold turkey on 05-17-2014.About 2 months into my quit,i started craving bad,not the nicotine,but the chew experience I’m guessing.Then I remembered Smokey Mountain Chew.I can’t say i used this as a quit tool,but it has keep me from going back to dipping,and over a year later I’m still tobacco free, and for that i am grateful.

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